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Products and Shipping

The sales and delivery conditions below apply to all deliveries from us.

The conditions apply in the event that no other written agreements have been entered into between you as the buyer and us.

Documentation and guidance:
If there are product descriptions and user instructions for the item, they are included with the delivery from us.

Delivery time and transport:
Delivery of goods from is considered to have taken place when you, as a consumer, have received the goods. The shipment of goods takes place with the selected transport company. The normal delivery time is usually 3 - 7 working days. If it is a special item such as a handmade wash basin, it can take between 1 - 30 days.

The risk for goods purchased from passes to you as a consumer at the time of delivery.

Complaints & Returns

Any errors or deficiencies in delivery from must be claimed within a reasonable time after you have discovered the error. It is your duty to indicate and, on request, show how the error or deficiency manifests itself. If you discover an error, you must contact us as soon as possible via email to

As a rule, you can only complain about faults that appear no later than two years after you have received the item. For goods with a limited shelf life, your right of appeal is limited by the shelf life period that has given you.

Price and payment: In this store you can order your goods online and pay by credit card. All prices on - at the web address are in USD.

Right of withdrawal: We offers a 14-day right of refund, valid from the day you receive your goods.

You are obliged to return the item in essentially the same condition and quantity as it was received. You must bear the costs associated with returning the item yourself.

Return and refund:
We offers a 14-day right of refund, valid from the day you receive your goods. Goods must be essentially in the same condition and quantity. The item is sent to our address with a printout of the order confirmation. Once the item has been received and reviewed by our team, we will initiate a refund. ATTENTION: shipping costs are not refunded.

Return address:
Hallandsparken 102
2630 Taastrup

We takes no responsibility for the execution of the painting work, unwanted color combinations of paint and glitter, the quality of the paint used for the work or the finished result.

We also takes no responsibility for the quality of the glitter effect if the instructions for use have not been followed. Some of the crystals will naturally be covered by paint, regardless of whether the SPARKLY is added to the last layer of paint.

About the product and trading conditions for handmade products:

All our sinks are handmade. This means there may be slight pattern and/or color differences between your wash basin and the pictures shown - however, we do our utmost to match as accurately as possible. If you have special requests for patterns or colors, please contact us.

Handmade products that are made to order are considered a purchase upon order. This means that you pay when ordering and not upon delivery. The general right of cancellation and return when purchasing mass-produced goods does not apply either.

In good Danish, this means that we do not start producing your washbasin until we have received your payment and you cannot regret it once you have ordered.

In return, you get a completely unique product that only exists in a few copies!

The only option you have to cancel the purchase is in the event of significant errors and omissions. If you think there are errors and omissions, big or small, write to us immediately at

Order Handling

Orders are handled twice a day and shipped every working day.

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