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About Us


What started in 2015 as a farfetched possibility is now a reality! I go to fairs to
hand out free samples, and my garage is filled with glitter paints representing
the galaxy, the scenery, and wildlife. Of course, it took a lot of testing and
trials with the help of chemical engineers around the globe to formulate the
perfect glitter, but thanks to the love of my life, I didn't give up.


The unique formulation we have brings a unique shine to the paint. This, of course,
didn't happen overnight; rather, it took us three years!

The product is not harmful to any living being and it’s completely safe. Moreover,
we do not condone animal cruelty at any cost! In all of our products, no
animals were tested during the process.


We have boasted 100+ dealers across Europe, which is now steadily increasing, to the point that we are even getting dealerships in the US.

However, we are offering limited dealerships per city.

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