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Highlight your bathroom with this sink in tempered glass. This sink is made of tempered glass, a modern and classic design element.

A quality washbasin draws attention and will be a stylish element in your home. All our sinks are handmade from good quality tempered glass. As these sinks are handmade, there may be a slight pattern and/or color difference. There are many colors to choose from, choose the perfect sink for your home.

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Are you looking for a washbasin that is something really special? A washbasin made of the most beautiful brown tempered glass with a beautiful pattern.

Welcome to your new sink! It is called BROWN MARBLE and looks like marble. The beautiful structure in the glass combined with the glossy surface gives a very special expression. Your bathroom is going to stand out and get lots of attention!

A handmade unique glass washbasin fits many different types of bathroom and will be a unique design element in your home.

You can give your glass sink extra personality with a very special faucet.

The faucet does not come with your new colored glass washbasin and this means that you have the option of choosing the faucet that best compliments your new BROWN MARBLE washbasin:
Should it be in an antique style with a curved tap and porcelain handle or in modern shiny chrome? You decide!

You have the opportunity to tailor your new bathroom to your style, or give your current one a completely new and exciting look with a brown glass washbasin.

There are many more colors to choose from if you dream of a hand-made glass washbasin - just look here.

Dimensions (cm): H: 14.5 X Ø: 42 X D: 12
Material: Tempered Glass
Shape: Round
Net weight: 9 kg + packaging
Product type: Handmade to order.

Delivery: 2 - 15 days, but in busy periods up to 30 days. Contact us if you would like a specific delivery time.

Note: Faucet is not included in the package

Glass is easy to hold, but of course grease and limescale will accumulate in the sink over time. The easiest way to do a master clean is to mix two parts washing-up liquid and one part vinegar and leave it on the sink.

How to clean glass.

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